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Catégorie enceintes encastrables Elipson

Architect - Infinite

Built-in speakers

The Elipson discretion

Enceinte in-ceiling IC6ST Elipson

Immersion in total discretion.

Discover Elipson's range of integrated Architect and Infinite speakers, designed to offer you an unparalleled sound experience. Passive speakers to create an integrated audio system for stereo or home cinema immersion. Enjoy clear and precise sound that fills the entire room, creating an enveloping atmosphere. With Elipson speakers, experience musical emotions of exceptional depth.

Enceinte home-cinema encastrable infinite 14

Elegance and power.

Each of our built-in speakers is the result of advanced engineering, incorporating exclusive technologies designed to meet the strictest cinema requirements while preserving remarkable visual discretion. Create a set of in-wall speakers of cinematic quality without compromise, ensuring exceptional sound performance, regardless of the audio source, with the Infinite range dedicated to Home Cinema.

Elipson - enceinte in-celing


Choose discretion without compromising on sound quality with the In-Ceiling range. Our in-ceiling hi-fi speakers offer an unparalleled Elipson sound signature, combined with understated design that seamlessly blends into any environment. The In-Ceiling series from Elipson's Architect range offers ceiling-integrated speakers suitable for both institutional and residential needs. Treat yourself to an elegant and high-performance audio solution for all your sound requirements with Elipson In-Ceiling.

In-Wall enceintes encastrable Elipson


Discover Elipson's Architect In-Wall range: the perfect fusion of high-fidelity audio and sleek design. These in-wall speakers represent discreet elegance for individuals, institutions, and businesses, bringing exceptional sound quality to all spaces. Our commitment to sonic excellence is reflected in every speaker in the IN-WALL series. Thanks to our expertise, we've succeeded in creating compact speakers that deliver impressive sound quality. With three different models at your disposal, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and space.

Elipson - gamme Infinite enceinte home-cinema


Discover Elipson's new Infinite range, specially designed to transform your home cinema experience into an exceptional auditory adventure. Manufactured in France, these cinema-dedicated speakers are the result of collaboration between our designers and acousticians, aiming to marry superior sound quality with elegant and clean design. To meet professional cinema sound requirements, our INFINITE speakers feature outstanding dynamics, ensuring unmatched sound quality in the world of home cinema.

Thanks to their advanced internal technology, incorporating Rohacell® composite membranes, carbon fiber, and carefully sized magnets, these speakers offer unparalleled sound performance. It will transport you into the heart of the action, immersing you in the cinematic experience as if you were there.

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