The Elipson IW8 is the largest in-wall speaker in the Architect In range. This 2-way speaker is designed to reproduce the front channel in a home cinema installation.


    The Elipson IW8 in-wall speaker is part of the Architect IN range, a collection of visually discreet audio system components. This large, 2-way speaker is compatible with most hi-fi amplifiers and home theater receivers on today's market. It handles immersive, multichannel formats while adding a vertical dimension to your home theater installation.

    The in-wall speakers in Elipson's IN range have been designed for both private and public spaces. They are a testament to Elipson's commitment to offering breathtaking audio quality. The IW8 may be used in a variety of settings: conference rooms, shopping malls, amphitheatres, restaurants, stores, hotels, offices, private screening rooms, schools, private home theaters, integrated hi-fi systems...

    The Elipson IW8 in-wall speaker features a 2-way low-mid driver (21 cm) composed of cellulose fibre and two silk dome tweeters (25 mm) which can be adjusted in order to direct sound waves toward the listening area. The speaker's white, magnetic grille may be painted to ensure perfect integration with your interior decor.

    The IW8 speaker has a sensitivity rating of 87 dB and a maximum power handling of 125 W. With a frequency response ranging from 55 Hz to 20 kHz, this model is an ideal front channel or surround effects speaker for a home theater installation.


    Enceinte : Encastrable murale

    Nombre de voies : 2

    Tweeter (aigu) : dôme soie 25 mm Neodyme, orientation de 35 à 40° dans toutes les directions

    Grave : cône papier 210 mm, bord caoutchouc

    Amplificateur recommandé : 125 W

    Réponse en fréquence (±3 dB) : 55 Hz - 20 kHz

    Fréquence de coupure : 2100 Hz

    Sensibilité : 87 dB / 1W / 1m

    Impédance : 8 Ohms

    Dimensions (L x H x P) : 270 x 370 x 88 mm

    Dimension de découpe (L x H) : 225 x 328 mm

    Poids : 1,5 kg