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RAIN outdoor loudspeaker

RAIN 6 & 8 100V


These RAIN speakers are specially designed to provide maximum flexibility thanks to their compatibility with 100 V audio systems. This means they can be integrated seamlessly into large spaces, delivering powerful, even sound over long distances.

Logo IP66

Elipson RAIN speakers stand up to extreme conditions, whether freezing cold, sweltering heat or intense humidity. Perfect for the swimming pool, garden, porch, or even commercial spaces such as bars and restaurants. Their IP66 protection rating guarantees total reliability.

They can operate from -25°C to +70°C with optimum resistance from +40°C to 95%, and benefit from anti-rust and anti-UV treatments for long life.

RAIN8 outdoor loudspeaker


The Elipson RAIN 8 speakers are truly all-purpose 2-way speakers that can be used in extreme cold, heat and humidity.

Size: 200 mm


The Elipson RAIN 6 speakers are an ideal solution for providing effective sound for your indoor and outdoor living spaces without compromising on sound quality. 

Size: 165 mm

RAIN6 outdoor loudspeaker
RAIN8 outdoor speaker


The Elipson RAIN speakers are truly all-purpose 2-way models that are equally at home in extreme cold, heat and humidity.

Size: 100 mm

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