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In 1966, Elipson unveiled what was to become a true masterpiece, both aesthetically and technically: the 402 loudspeaker.

Its name, made up of ‘40’ for the diameter and ‘2’ for the number of channels, already sounded like a promise of acoustic excellence.


Now there's the 402 Tribute, an updated version made entirely in France in partnership with Supravox.

The legend is back.

elipson x supravox.PNG

The partnership between these two French companies: Elipson and Supravox represents an alliance between two internationally renowned pioneers of high-end audio, combining their respective expertise to create a unique sound experience.

For over 50 years, Supravox has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-sensitivity full-range loudspeakers. Their product range, including the Classic, 2000 and EXC series, is based on decades of expertise and innovation.

As one of the world's oldest manufacturers of field-coil loudspeakers, Supravox has maintained unrivalled quality and performance.

Already associated with iconic Elipson models such as the 402 and AS40, Supravox loudspeakers have earned an unshakeable reputation in the audio industry for their exceptional sonic clarity and faithful rendering. The exponentially curved paper cones, carefully developed over decades, give these loudspeakers a unique and unmistakable sonic character.

In developing the new 402 Tribute loudspeaker, the partnership between Elipson and Supravox reaches new heights.

By combining Supravox's expertise in loudspeakers with Elipson's innovative vision, we are determined to offer a sound experience of exceptional quality, faithful to the heritage of the 402 loudspeaker while incorporating the latest technological advances.


Through this collaboration, audiophiles will experience a perfect fusion of Elipson's iconic design and the unrivalled sonic performance of Supravox speakers. This partnership embodies both companies' mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of high fidelity audio and offering products that transcend expectations.


Type : Speaker - 2-way - Bass - reflex

Bass-midrange : 165 mm cellulose pulp - Supravox

Tweeter : 29 mm ring dome - Rear damping chamber

Power : 60 W RMS

Frequency response : ±3dB 45 - 25000 Hz

Sensitivity : 90 dB / 1 W / 1m

Impedance : 8 Ohms


Spherical enclosure in silica-filled resin

Air-wired filter

Jantzen Audio high-end crossover components

Axon high-end internal cabling

Equipped with a two-way Bass-Reflex system, the 402 Tribute delivers balanced, dynamic sound reproduction. It is equipped with a 165 mm Supravox Cellulose Pulp bass-midrange, renowned for its musicality and precision and perfectly suited to the load volume offered by the 402 Tribute, as well as a 29 mm Ring-type dome tweeter, offering a refined and luminous high-frequency response.


Its dense spherical enclosure made of silica-filled resin ensures optimum sound dispersion and reduces unwanted resonances. Its air-wired crossover incorporates top-of-the-range Jantzen Audio® components and top-of-the-range Axon® internal cabling. As a result, the entire audio signal is perfectly transmitted.

Time alignment allows perfect phasing of the loudspeakers and is the subject of Elipson patent no. 1339664.


Offset of 0.082 ms or 28 mm.

Impulse response measurement with the tweeter front (green) flush and the bass-midrange driver (purple) in the same plane.


The two amplitudes are perfectly aligned.

The same measurement was made when the front of the tweeter was moved back 28 mm, for a total of 38 mm, taking into account the thickness of the bass-midrange bowl.

Perfect time alignment.

Time alignment is perfect thanks to the recessed front of the tweeter (38 mm in total).

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