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Intégration d'enceinte Planet L


Discover Elipson's most beautiful creations.

A unique and timeless style, an exceptional sound signature, at the service of your most beautiful spaces.

Integration Restaurant Elipson planet

Plaza Athené

The installation at the Bar du Plaza Athénée of the Sound Tree, a creation by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman for Elipson, is a celebration of  art and sound technology.

A sound residence shared with the establishment's emblematic red, creating a harmonious fusion between art, design and a passion for sound.

Elipson loudspeaker integration - restaurant

Aux grands enfants


Elipson speaker integration

La Felicità

La Felicità, Europe's largest restaurant, is now equipped with an exceptional Elipson sound system, proudly displaying Planet M speakers.

They blend harmoniously into the unique environment of La Felicità.

Le marché Saint-Germain

In the heart of the Saint-Germain market in Paris, the Étable de Hugo Desnoyer, renowned as the butcher to celebrities, boasts an exceptional sound installation. The Elipson Planet M speakers, ingeniously integrated into the chandeliers, reveal a perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and acoustics.

Elipson loudspeaker integration - L étable-Saint-Germain
Elipson speaker integration

Tiger Bar

At the Tiger Bar in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, the combination of Elipson Planet L and Planet M suspended speakers creates an enveloping sound atmosphere. The Planet L speakers are perfectly oriented thanks to the Elipson Planet L Ceiling Mount, ensuring an exceptional listening experience for every guest. A perfect marriage of cutting-edge acoustics and sophisticated design.

Lexus Vaughan

Lexus Vaughan, Ontario, installed an exceptional audio system with Elipson Bell speakers, designed to be both visually appealing and deliver exceptional sound quality. The Elipson Bell speakers, known for their artistic design, were strategically placed in the showroom to enhance the ambience and aesthetics.

Speaker integration Elipson - Gemsen Lexus
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