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Elipson - gamme Heritage - XLS 7

Vintage style

Elipson HERITAGE XLS15 XLS11 XLS7 vintage speaker range

Heritage XLS 11

Heritage XLS 7

The Heritage speaker range distinguishes itself with a vintage aesthetic imbued with the typical charm of the 70s-80s decades. This retro aesthetics in no way compromises their exceptional sound power. These speakers captivate the most discerning audiophiles thanks to their unique technical characteristics, delivering a rich and enveloping sound that evokes the golden age of audio.



Elipson - Heritage XLS 15 - Enceinte vintage


The built-in bass speaker in the Heritage XLS speakers provides both powerful and deep bass reproduction. Its membrane is crafted from cellulose fibers, ensuring an optimal blend of rigidity and lightness.

This design allows the speaker to move the air extremely quickly and efficiently.


In order to ensure consistently optimal sound reproduction and cater to the listener's preferences as well as the characteristics of the source and listening environment, the Heritage XLS range offers the convenient option to easily adjust the response in the mid and high-frequency ranges.

The XLS 15 and 11 models feature a dedicated selector for treble and a second one for midrange, while the XLS 7 is equipped with a specific treble selector.

Elipson - Heritage XLS 7 - Vintage Speaker

Heritage XLS 7

With a retro aesthetic, this speaker is equipped with a 6,4" woofer-midrange speaker made of cellulose pulp, and a 0,8 mm silk dome tweeter with a double magnet. This combination ensures exceptional sound quality, providing a captivating and immersive listening experience.

Elipson - heritage XLS 11 - Vintage speakers
Heritage XLS 11 AWARDS loudspeaker

Heritage XLS 11

This 3-way model is of a very compact size and benefits from a front-firing bass-reflex configuration. It is equipped with a 8,2" cellulose woofer, a 2" treated dome midrange covering a wide frequency range, and a 0,8" silk dome tweeter.

Elipson - Heritage XLS 15 - Vintage Speaker

XLS 15

A three-way model with a distinctly vintage design, featuring a front-firing bass-reflex configuration. This speaker is equipped with a 12" diameter woofer for powerful bass, a 2" diameter treated dome midrange covering a wide range of frequencies, and a 0,8" diameter silk dome tweeter.

Enceinte heritage XLS 15 AWARDS
Gamme Heritage