Product sold in pairs

*Metal vintage stand in option

(sold by NorStone)

The Elipson Heritage XLS

15 loudspeaker is inspired

by the monitor speakers

of the 1970s.


    A resolutely vintage and modular aesthetic code thanks to its two supplied bases. But beyond its aesthetic, its musicality comes first.


    This compact 3-way loudspeaker tuned in bass reflex design with front-firing flared port benefits from a new 30 cm diameter cellulose woofer with a powerful magnet, a new 55mm diameter treated dome midrange covering nearly three octaves and finally a 22mm diameter silk dome tweeter declined from the famous tweeter from our flagship model of the Prestige Facet series.


    A fine amplitude of 2dB allows you to adjust the mid and high frequencies levels according to your listening room or auditory affinity. In addition, it is possible to insert a base 7° tilt (supplied) for perfect acoustic phasing or on

    an optional metal stand that raises it by 19 cm in addition to this inclination. Energy and control of the bass, definition and relief of the midrange, delicacy and extension of the high frequencies characterize the sonic pleasure of this Elipson Heritage XLS15 loudspeaker.


    Type : Compact loudspeaker 3 way
    Tweeter : Silk dome 0.87''
    Medium : Coated dome 2.2''
    Grave : Cellulose pulp 12''

    Bass reflex : Front firing
    Frequency response : 40 Hz - 25 kHz +/- 3 dB
    Cut-off frequencies : 700 & 5000 Hz
    Sensibility : 92 dB / 1m / 1w
    Impedance : 6 Ohms
    Recommanded amplification : 50-200 W
    Power (RMS) : 200 W

    Dimensions : W x H x D : 420 x 730/700 x 339 mm
    Weight : 28 kg

    Dimensions inner box : W x H x D : 845 x 535 x 455 mm
    Dimensions outer box : W x H x D : 875 x 555 x 475 mm
    Conditionned by unit
    Gross weight : 34,5 kg

    Designed and engineered in France