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Elipson - Horus range - Horus 11F floorstanding speaker

The brand-new HORUS range of speakers is renewed, to the delight of audiophiles everywhere, offering versatile models with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

A complete package of bookshelf, floorstanding and centre loudspeakers offering precise and realistic sound reproduction for both music and home cinema enjoyment.

Elipson Horus 11F Floorstanding speaker black/carbon


The Elipson Horus 11F floorstanding loudspeaker condenses all of Elipson’s experience and know-how into a carefully designed speaker that offers exceptional musicality for this price category.


This elegant floorstanding loudspeaker, acoustically designed as a 2.5-way, is composed of two 130 mm (5") cellulose pulp bass-midrange drivers with a glass fibre coating and a 25 mm (1") neodymium silk dome tweeter, for perfect sonic cohesion. Finally, the front bass-reflex design allows for easy placement of the speakers in any room.

Finish Walnut-Dark grey

Finish Light wood - Beige

Finish Black - Carbon

LOGO HIT MATERIEL Pour Internet (1).png


Elipson Horus 6B - Bookshelf speaker
LOGO HIT MATERIEL Pour Internet (1).png

The Elipson Horus 6B bookshelf loudspeaker offers, in a compact format, an astonishing musicality for its price. Condensing all of Elipson’s experience and know-how, this elegant passive loudspeaker reproduces a magnificent, airy sound image and an articulate extension of the bass register that is astonishing for its size. Its great acoustic versatility allows it to be used in a stereo or multichannel home cinema installation.

Finish Walnut - Dark grey

Finish Light wood - Beige

Finish Black - Carbon



Elipson Horus 10C - Enceinte centrale bois clair

The Elipson Horus 10C centre loudspeaker is dedicated to home cine-ma compositions and allows you to create a complete surround system at an affordable price.

2-way acoustic design, it is composed of a 130 mm low-midrange speaker made of cellulose pulp surfaced with glass fibre and a 25 mm neodymium silk dome tweeter.

Finish Walnut - Dark grey

Finish Light wood - Beige

Finish Black - Carbon

Elipson Horus 6 ATM speaker


The Horus 6 ATM is a Dolby Atmos and Surround certified loudspeaker, designed for exceptional sound immersion. With its high-performance coaxial drivers, including a 19 mm dome tweeter and a 12 cm paper-cone bass midrange, it offers 60W RMS power and a frequency response from 70 Hz to 20 kHz.

Finish Walnut - Dark grey

Finish Light wood - Beige

Finish Black - Carbon

Elipson Horus 8S - Caisson de basse noir carbone


The Elipson Horus range of speakers is completed with an 8S active subwoofer.

This subwoofer features a 20 cm speaker equipped with a rigid cellulose pulp membrane, completed with a 20 cm passive boomer and identical "Down Firing" cone, amplified by a 150 W rms / 300 W peak class D module.

The addition of a fixed DSP setting allows this subwoofer to explore the infra bass frequencies with energy and control, in a very compact volume.

Finish Walnut - Dark grey

Finish Light wood - Beige

Finish Black - Carbon

Elipson - Horus 6B bookshelf speaker, finishes


30 years on from the original, the Horus range has evolved its own refined style, complemented by a modern design available in 3 finishes: Black - Carbon / Light Wood - Beige / Walnut - Dark Grey.

The elegant contrast between the front panel and the cabinetry allows the loudspeakers to blend easily into any interior. The intense black envelope of the carbon finish is perfectly suited to the world of home cinema.


All of Elipson’s expertise in designing precise and musical loudspeakers is reflected in this range of affordable loudspeakers. Acoustically designed as a 2.5-way for the floorstanding speaker and 2-way for the bookshelf and centre speaker, the Horus loudspeakers are composed of the same 130 mm low-midrange drivers made of cellulose pulp surfaced with glass fibre and 25 mm silk dome tweeter made of neodymium for perfect sound cohesion. Elipson’s long standing experience in the careful design of crossovers for the famous Prestige Facet, Heritage and Legacy ranges can also be found in this new Horus range.

Finally, the front bass-reflex loading principle of the models allows for easy placement of the speakers in any room

Elipson - Gamme Horus - Enceintes colonnes Horus 11F
Elipson Horus lifestyle speaker
Elipson - Gamme Horus


Composed of a bookshelf loudspeaker, a floorstanding loudspeaker, a centre loudspeaker and an active subwoofer, the Horus range brings all the experience of Elipson’s know-how to those music lovers who prefer rich timbres, luminosity and softness of the treble spectrum, controlled presence of the bass and an airy sound image, for a stereo or home-cinema installation.

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