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The Legacy 3220 is an elegant 2 1/2 way floorstanding loudspeaker with two 16.5 cm mid-woofers for the bass and midrange frequencies, topped with a wide dispersion AMT tweeter

  • The Legacy range perfectly embodies the brand's HIFI know-how! To design this new range, Elipson has taken advantage of the innovations developed in-house for more than 60 years through emblematic models such as the La Religieuse loudspeaker, the 4050 or 1303 model, combined with the modern materials of our time.

    Fast, bright, perfect extension of the extreme frequencies, expressive midrange, airy and realistic sound image are all qualities that characterise Legacy speakers. In the end, they forget themselves and give way to musical pleasure close to reality.


    The Elipson Legacy 3220 floorstanding loudspeaker is part of the Elipson Legacy loudspeaker range which also includes the Elipson Legacy 3210 compact loudspeaker and the Elipson Legacy 3230 floorstanding loudspeaker.


    The Legacy 3220 is a 2 1/2 way model with 16.5cm diameter drivers for the bass and midrange registers, topped with a wide dispersion AMT tweeter.

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