Larger than the PF SUB8, the PF SUB10 is a muscular and versatile subwoofer. Its deep and precise bass creates a remarkable sound stage that will delight home cinema enthusiasts.


    The Prestige Facet SUB10 subwoofer is a model equipped with a 26 cm loudspeaker mounted in a bass-reflex load. It uses the exclusive technologies and elegant aesthetics of the French manufacturer's Prestige Facet range.

    This subwoofer has a 26 cm speaker on one of its sides. Made by a third party manufacturer, this transducer meets very demanding specifications. It provides a very linear frequency reproduction between 27 Hz and 150 Hz (± 3 dB).Exclusive to the Prestige Facet loudspeaker range, a custom-made synthetic rubber ring surrounds the loudspeaker in order to limit the baffle effect and diffraction. The response curve is thus less disturbed, more linear, for a smoother listening experience.The bass-reflex port is located underneath the cabinet for easy placement in the listening space and optimal diffusion of low frequencies. The Prestige Facet SUB10's amplification develops 250 watts of power and is provided in class D.

    Compact, powerful, the Elipson Prestige Facet SUB10 subwoofer is an attractive solution to complete efficiently a hi-fi or home cinema installation.



    26 cm speaker

    Load type : Bass Reflex down firing

    Subsonic filter : 24 dB at 20 Hz

    Variable crossover frequency : 40 Hz to 150 Hz

    Automatic standby, 2 sensitivity levels



    Amplifier power : 250 watts

    Amplifier type : Class D

    Bandwidth : 27 - 150 Hz (± 3 dB)



    Line inputs L/R

    LFE input (shared with L channel)



    Dimensions (W x H x D) : 405 x 424 x 445 mm

    Weight : 22 kg