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The 402 loudspeaker has become an icon over the course of decades, eras and trends, and remains an emblematic model of the Elipson brand.

Adopted by professionals and consumers alike, it has revolutionized the way loudspeakers are perceived.

Enceinte acoustique Elipson 402 intage

"Elipson speakers have [...] original shapes. But these shapes are not without purpose, they have not been designed for aesthetic reasons alone.

Elipson's shapes have been imposed by technique. They are at the service of perfect sound reproduction, at the service of high fidelity. Quite simply."

Elipson Catalog - 1977

Photo Pierre frey x Elipson 402.

Photo credits Pierre Frey - 2023


The distinctive acoustic properties of the 402 loudspeaker emerge from its characteristic shape. Its original, uncluttered aesthetic guarantees sound reproduction devoid of coloration, with exceptional distribution in space.

From the earliest explorations of Joseph Léon, talented inventor and CEO of Elipson, the spherical shape was the most successful solution for perfect sound propagation, as it was free from any harmful diffraction. Combined with the tweeter, which is offset for temporal phase alignment, the result is a sound image that is almost identical to the original message: punctual, wide, deep and airy. 

The result is a silhouette of unquestionable purity, dictated by the quest for authentic sound reproduction.

The 402 loudspeaker is one of a series of spherical loudspeakers designed from the 1960s onwards. This collection includes the 302 loudspeaker, derived from the compact 1302 model, the 402 loudspeaker, regarded as the most emblematic and praised by professionals of the time for its acoustic qualities, and the 502 loudspeaker, a larger version offering improved low-frequency management.

Enceinte ELIPSON 302, 402, 502




The 402 remains one of Elipson's greatest achievements of the 1960s. At that time, Elipson enjoyed unanimous recognition within the professional world as a manufacturer of unrivalled excellence, shaping the pre-eminent monitor speakers of the time, with the ORTF, Organisme de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française, in particular, acquiring the AS268 models.

The 402 was the pivotal element that propelled the brand into the heart of the home, delivering a quality that music connoisseurs described as 'professional'.

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