The MC Mini is a compact class-D amplifier. It is fitted with multiple digital and analog inputs and is compatible with infrared signals as well as Bluetooth apt-X transmission for a seamlessly integrated wireless system.

  • The MC Mini is a compact, stereo hi-fi amplifier

    This class-D amplifier is rated at 2x 80 Watts into 4 Ohms and features multiple connection options. In addition to the traditional speaker terminals and RCA inputs, it is fitted with an optical input, a 3.5 mm jack input, and a subwoofer output. A peripheral device may also be connected to the amplifier via its 5V/500mA USB type-A port. The line-out connector allows the user to add a second MC Mini amplifier in order to expand to a 4 speaker configuration. Bluetooth apt-X transmission is also supported.

    The MC Mini comes with two hooks for wall-mounting or on-ceiling installation, and an infrared cable for in-ceiling installation. This smart device switches to standby mode and turns back on automatically for optimal ease of use. Its clean and smooth design combined with its black satin finish result in an elegant, classic look which will easily complement any type of interior decor.

  • Type : Class D amplifier

    Puissance : 2x80W / 4 Ohms (2x40W / 8 Ohms)

    Fonction : Stand by / Wake up

    Input : Bluetooth, Optique, AUX in (mini-jack 3,5 mm), AUX in RCA (L et R), IR in (mini-jack 3,5 mm)

    Output : Subwoofer RCA, Line out (mini-jack 3.5 mm), Speakers (x2), USB charge 5V/500mA

    Bluetooth : apt-X

    Finish : Metal

    Colors : Black

    Provided accessories : Remote control, deported IR sensor, mounting brackets

    Dimensions (W x H x D) : 210 x 60 x 210 mm

    Weight : 2 kg

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